Michalina Ossowska


Michalina Ossowska wirtualna asystentka z zespołem specjalistów

Michalina Ossowska

Virtual Assistant, Project Manager and concierge, since 2020 running her own business. A graduate of the University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała and the Higher School of Social Psychology in Warsaw. Trained as a psychologist and translator.

She worked as a manager of the SGS office, manager of Silvan SPA, assistant director in EKS Śląska Sp. z o.o. For a year she ran Patio Cafe, where she developed her passions and gained extensive experience in managing a team of employees. Currently, she successively develops her own business and fulfils her role as a Virtual Assistant. Together with her team, she provides remote support to customers using her services. As she says, working with people gives her great satisfaction, and customer satisfaction gives her the strength to always strive for the goal, find a way out of any situation and never give up. Privately she is a mother of two wonderful girls – Ola and Zuzia.

Bogumiła Matras

Copywriter, working with Michalina Ossowska since early 2021. Specializes in writing content for websites, blog articles, expert articles, BIO and social media publications.

She is a pedagogue and occupational therapist by education and a writer by passion. For several years she worked as a supportive teacher. Contact with children with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, and their parents and caregivers taught her patience and effective communication. She also managed the office of a large language school. She was responsible for liaising with clients and keeping necessary records.

Her passion for writing has always accompanied her. Thanks to the cooperation with Michalina Ossowska, her texts saw the light of day and turned out to be effective. She improves her skills through constant work and participation in professional training. She gained her professional knowledge, among others, from Jarek Kaniewski’s Copywrtinig Masterclass and through participation in events organized by Ola Gościniak.

She is a lover of order, good organization and precise requirements. Her professional motto is “The more information, the better”. She loves details and clear communication. Thanks to her innate empathy, she can recognize the client’s expectations and put them into words in an unconventional way. She makes sure that her texts combine a light style, good rhythm and solid SEO.

Privately she is a mother of two sons and a daughter. She is a committed vegetarian and a lover of good books, movies, dry wine and animals. She enjoys travelling and sightseeing, also by bicycle. In her life, she follows the rule “Live and let others live”.

Alicja KOrytowska

Graphic designer, she’s been working with Michalina Ossowska since March 2021. She specializes in preparing graphics for print, designing logos, business cards and banners. She also excels in web design, animation and HTML banners.

Graphics is her passion and her learned profession. She graduated from a 5-year Master’s degree program and she believes that it was the right choice. To her credit, she has many projects prepared both for print and multimedia. In her professional life, she focuses on development. She tries to be up-to-date with all the graphic novelties. She participates in numerous training and courses. Her business card is conscientiousness, meticulousness and punctuality.

Privately, she is a mom of a wonderful boy who makes her reach for more every day.

Magdalena Biernat

She is the office manager and has been working with Michalina Ossowska since January 2022, when she first supported her with her experience and skills. She specializes in the administration of the necessary documentation, preparation of research and management of databases. Her tasks include editing and dispatching documents, preparing reports and summaries, as well as carrying out public procurement and simple translations. She also excels in personnel matters. She knows the ins and outs of maintaining employee records, timekeeping and vacations. Keeps track of deadlines for necessary examinations.

She has 18 years of experience in office work and local administration. She is a multi-tasker and willing to take on new challenges. Independence, self-reliance and self-development are most important to her profession. She is characterized by responsibility, diligence, patience, regularity and perceptiveness. She is a loyal and empathetic person.

Privately, she is a wife and mother of a teenager and a 6-year-old. She is a fan of fantasy books. Her passion is keeping a bullet journal. In her free time, she devotes herself to painting.

Dagmara Podhorodecka

Copywriter, she cooperates with Michalina Ossowska since October 2021. She mainly prepares research and writes texts for social media and articles on topics related to employment and running a business.

She is a pharmacy technician by education and for several years she worked in this profession. After some time, she wanted to change and abandoned the white coat in favour of office work, which turned out to be a great success. Since 2020 she has been working as a specialist for EU projects and she feels great in this role. On the professional ground, the most important for her is the possibility of development and independence. She does not like monotony and willingly takes on new challenges. She is a hard-working and responsible person.

Privately I am a mother of two wonderful girls and a happy wife. She tries to devote her free time to her family. If only she has the opportunity, she enjoys spending quiet evenings in the company of a good book or a movie.

Iwona Warzynkiewicz

Iwona Wawrzynkiewicz

She has been working with Michalina Ossowska since March 2021. She designs and maintains websites and mailing systems. She prepares simple graphics for social media and websites.

By education, she is a biomedical engineer. She also completed a master’s degree in Production Management and Engineering. She started her adventure with coding websites in 2018. Since 2020 she has been intensively developing precisely in this area. Then, after parting with a corporate job, fascination and casual occupation became her profession. Her passion is WordPress, which has no secrets from her. What she likes the most in her work is independence and the possibility to be creative. She is reliable and punctual. Thanks to her pleasant disposition and inborn empathy she has high communication skills. She can perfectly sense the needs of clients.

Her mission is to work for women who every day draw energy from their passions and are not afraid to make their dreams come true. She builds websites just for them.

Both in her private and professional life, she tries to act in accordance with her own values. Work, which is her passion, is balanced by communing with nature. For this reason, in 2020 she decided to radically change her surroundings and moved to the seaside.

Kamil Pająk

Kamil Pająk

The Webdeveloper, has been working with Michalina Ossowska since March 2021. He creates websites, mainly using the WordPress system. Specialist in the Elementor editor.

She has been creating websites for 15 years. In his everyday work, he uses HTML, CSS, JS, PHP technologies. He has taken part in international projects and his works have won competitions in Italy, among others. He’s an Elementor lover but also feels comfortable with custom solutions based on ACF and CPT. His work is mostly focused on creating static websites and those based on WordPress content management systems. His skills also include implementation of web applications and website maintenance, service, optimization and repair. If necessary, he will also take care of improving the performance and speed of websites and applications. He is characterized by punctuality, responsibility and accuracy. At work, particularly important to him is a good flow of information, for which he strives with great persistence.

Privately, he is a traveller and a dog lover – especially Golden Retriever named Ben.