Michalina Ossowska

About me

Who am I?

My name is Michalina Ossowska, and I have always been an assistant or manager, and working in this area gives me a lot of pleasure. However, to grow and to realize my dreams sometimes, you have to go a step further, so I became a Virtual Assistant.

By character, according to Gallup’s talents, my big five are: 

Communicativeness: I can get along in difficult situations, I like to talk, and I can listen. 

Responsibility: if I say something, I always try to keep my word or deadline as a point of honor.  If I make decisions on behalf of the Client, I always take full responsibility for the possible consequences of my actions. 

Spell: that is, constantly gaining approval makes me want the people who cooperate with me to be satisfied with the results.  

Proximity: I am loyal to my clients, and I try to make the cooperation long-term based on shared values. 

Empathy: I can step into any shoe and understand the situation in which the Client finds himself. I can listen actively and adjust my attitude according to the situation.  

Interestingly, these are not common character traits in our country, which means that you spread your wings in many situations.

I am an English philologist and social psychologist by education, and I efficiently use the knowledge gained during my studies in everyday duties. More information about my professional experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile

Michalina Ossowska wirtualna asystentka z zespołem specjalistów

Privately, I am a woman who loves to travel, although recently I like the Canary Islands the most, where I feel at home.  I enjoy reading sensational and criminal books, and I think I’ve read Alex Kava’s novels three times each. I am also the wife of a man who constantly encourages my personal and professional growth and a mother of two girls who challenge me every day and teach me patience. 

Therefore, the times of working for corporations or prominent companies are behind me, and now it’s time to be my sail and a rudder.